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OceanGrown Sprouting

  • To market your sprouts as “I am OceanGrownTM”, our guidelines must be followed and you must be certified by us.

  • Everyone  involved in growing must take our training course, approximately 1 hour.

  • “I am OceanGrownTM” stickers will be provided at our cost to you (or we will give you the art work for your own label) giving your produce the “Total Taste marketing edge," with "mineral rich foods". These must be on your label for the 10% discount on OceanSolutionTM.

  • We will from time to time call or come and check your growing operation to see if it meets our standards to remain "Certified OceanGrownTM”".

  • The OceanSolutionTM mixture must be at 1000-2000 PPM  of total dissolved solids and is measured with a TDS meter. Ratios do not apply for our standards. We are concerned with Parts per Million of total dissolved solids.

  • Only a "clean" water source (less than 400ppm) shall be used to mix with OceanSolutionTM. Reverse Osmosis, de-ionized or similar clean water is the only water source recommended as not to disturb the natural balance that Nature provides.                                                                                  

  • The seeds should be soaked in the OceanSolutionTM mixture for at minimum of  8 to a maximun of 24 hours prior to planting. What better way to start the spark of life?

  • The seeds/plants shall be fed from seed to full growth with the OceanSolutionTM mixture only, exception for the last day, just clean water would be OK. This is FULL TIME NUTRITION!

  • We highly recommend the use of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide mixed with the OceanSolutionTM mixture at the rate of 1-1/2 teaspoons per gallon of OceanSolutionTM mixture.

  • Also highly recommended is CitroBioTM to help with controlling moulds and funguses.

  • Sprouts can be grown with organic soil or hydroponically.

  • Air purification in the growing area is also recommended to prevent mold spores from building up.

  • The whole idea here is to have your sprouts nuts and seeds loaded with minerals and increase nutrition to the maximum allowable by Nature, giving your customers, "Total Nutrition".

  • Seed origin must be Organic, and in the future seeds derived from OceanGrownTM plants will be allowed.
  • Any input to help us would be greatly appreciated.

  • Our Certification program is based on love and Gratitude, providing the consumer with the highest nutrient dense food possible.

Certified OceanGrown Companies

The Pioneers in Mineral Rich Foods!

Body Care Clinic
90 Fenmar Dr.
Weston, Ontario
M9L 1M3
Tel: 416-740-0049

Superfood By Nature

Box 1141

Cochrane, Ontario P0L 1C0

Tel: 705-272-9525

Naturally Alive!

Suite 11B-351

1100 Gorham Street

Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8Y8 email:Rawfood@sympatico.ca



185 Petoria Ave

Ottawa, Ont. K1S 1X1 

Tel: 613-234-0806

Garden Gate Farms

92 Commerce Park Drive #3A
Barrie, ON  L4N 8W8
Tel: 705.726.6758




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